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HP printers are known for their quality, colourful and user-friendly printing. Whenever you need fast help or step-by-step installation instructions,download the Hp printer driver visit to 123 hp.com/setup.

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Printer Setup

HP Printer Setup starts to build the advanced printer system through "123 hp.com/setup." This includes unboxing of the unit, power supply, setting of choice, paper and ink cartridges installation.

HP first configuration for printers-123 hp.com/setup

The first time you acquired the printer and setup the printer. 123 hp.com/setup is a valuable page where the Hp Printer information is available.

Take the following simple steps to begin :

  1. Firstly, unbox the printer and gently take it off and position it.
  2. Remove all tapes from it, and remove all other stuff.
  3. Maintain power cables, handbooks, CD's and ink cartridges for later use on one side.
  4. Note that your printer is placed next to the power socket
  5. Now plug the printer into the power plug and turn it ON
  6. To launch the HP printer, push the Power button.
  7. Now go to the printer 's screen and set up Language, Date, Region etc.
  8. Open the door of the cartridge and insert some ink in the right place.
    •  Whether you are confused and do not know how to insert the ink in cartridge, then take advantage of the printer handbook.
  9. Then take a bunch of printed sheets of A4 size and place them on the input tray.
  10. Then a test the print manual.

How to download the driver and configuration from 123 hp.com/setup

You need a driver and programme in your system to process your Hp printer. As a driver, print and give the order to the printer.

How to install the driver for MAC ?

  1. Turn to the Mac computer and the printer.
  2. Link your Mac to a USB printer.
  3. Now, make sure both are wired to the same network.
  4. Then open your tab.
  5. Then choose the alternative or printer name that suits your printer configuration.
  6. Now press the Driver Download button and launch the Driver.

How to connect a Mac Wireless Printer?

Setup your Mac with wireless Hp printer. You need to go to 123 hp.com/setup for guidelines steps by steps setup